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Family Art – Camping Crabs Art Print


Whimsical art to bring out the child in you that is playful and free! This whimsical wall art will help you to lift your spirit and elevate your joy!


Family art to put a smile on your face

Family wall art to cherish those fun times together

family art by Jan Tetsutani

The crabs are camping in the great outdoors. After a day of surfing & snorkeling in the sun, the full moon is out and the stars are shining brightly in the distance. The mountains create a lovely backdrop as glimmers of the moonlight cascade along the cliffs. The smell of smoke from the campfire fills the air along with laughter from the crab family. Feelings of coziness arise along with the smell of caramelized marshmallows. A high pitched squeal interrupts the laughter when the baby crab’s marshmallow accidentally catches on fire. The fish that was caught squirms around as the family dog tries to take a bite out of him. Cell phones have been forgotten in the tent. The sounds of the city are too far to hear. The pressures from work and responsibilities have been drowned in the peacefulness from the fresh air and the sounds of the ocean. It’s a wonderful time together camping!

  • Full color print on smooth paper
  • Archival inks
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family wall art by Jan Tetsutani

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