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Now more than ever it is important that your home is calm and comfy. Jan Tetsutani can help you to achieve that with art.

Jan Tetsutani Art offers:

Original Acrylic Paintings

Original Resin Paintings

Giclee Canvas Prints

Art Prints

Greeting cards

and more

I believe:

About Jan

Before I started Jan Tetsutani Art, I was very blessed to travel to Japan, Australia, Thailand and the Philippines. I discovered that each place had it’s own special beauty. I realized that I took for granted the beauty that I lived in everyday in Hawai’i.

I meet a lot of people that come and go.  Some of them have become very close friends. One of them was a nurse who bought an art print of a wave from me almost 8 years ago (before I even started my business). Since then she has moved to Germany, Korea, and the US mainland. She recently shared how she has kept the art print with her all these years as a reminder of our relationship and her brief time here. I realized how having the art print brought her the feeling of home.

Let me help you to add some ‘wow’ to your walls so that your home can be the house that everyone wants to come home to.

I invite you to take a look at the artwork in my collection.

Some of my clients - Timbers Resorts, Four Seasons Resorts, Manoa Gallery, Taniokas, Hawaii Enterprise

Office Hours

Monday – Friday  9:00 am HST – 5 pm HST

Saturday  9 am HST – 1pm HST

Email: aloha@jantetsutaniart.com