With God, all things are possible!

Art has the power to change the atmosphere and environment in our homes where we can feel comforted, experience joy, or feel inspired. Experience heaven on earth and let me help you to create your own sanctuary with art.

Whether for your home or office there is something special & unique for you.

Jan Tetsutani Art offers:

Original Acrylic Paintings

Original Resin Paintings

Giclee Canvas Prints

Giclee Paper Art Prints

Online Painting Workshops

Online Painting Course

Greeting cards

and more

I believe....

Art can change the atmosphere
The world needs more dreams to be released
Art can change the atmosphere
Jan Tetsutani Hawaii artist

About Jan

What we focus on can have a profound effect on our lives. The good news is that we can choose what we want to focus on. We can surround ourselves with beautiful things, or cherished moments that can fill us with hope, love and even joy. Art can paint a picture that has the power to inspires us, nurture dreams of what could be, and to remind us what is good and amazing in our lives.

Let me help you to focus on the things that matter with the art that I create with love to inspire, hope to release your dreams and joy to uplift you. Most of my inspiration comes from conversations with God expressed through representational and abstract art.

I invite you to take a look at the artwork in my collection.

Jan Tetsutani Clients & Partnerships
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Enter into Joy by Jan Tetsutani
Jan Tetsutani Jon Matsubara Catherine Cooke
Renown Hawaii artist Jan Tetsutani at Four Seasons Resort O'ahu Painting Live in the Lobby
Jan Tetsutani in Japan
Jan Tetsutani
Erik Wahl & Jan Tetsutani
Tools of the trade
Jan Tetsutani
Jan Tetsutani
In the studio with Jan Tetsutani
Jan Tetsutani

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