The Inspiration Behind the Genesis Collection


This collection was birthed from several dreams I had seeing this artwork and the invitation to return to The Garden. This is a new beginning. There is an order in that things come to fruition. I’ve been drawn to textures and tactile things as well as things that are real & authentic which is reflected in the work.  I wanted genuine plants that you can see, touch and smell. They have been carefully preserved. Reclaimed wood frames were purposely chosen (with the exception of the mirror art) as even the wood has a story, a purpose, but is now being reclaimed for a new purpose and story through these works of art. Sometimes we may feel hindered because of time restraints or access to nature, so I wanted to bring The Garden to you. Nothing hinders you from coming to The Garden.

Each artwork is open for your own personal and unique meaning and interpretation. For me personally, the Garden represents God’s original design and intention for me. Everything has already been provided for me. It’s an invitation to be fully known and fully loved. It’s time for true and deep restoration for your soul. Even when I fail, like when Adam and Eve ate the fruit, God’s love still remains. My failures and shortcomings can’t keep His love from me. When they failed to follow God’s instructions, God was gracious to provide covering for their shame. He didn’t run from them or abandon them. He provided for them. God loves us so much that He wants us to flourish. Things that have hindered us, God is wanting to heal and restore in The Garden. Do you hear the sound of God walking in The Garden? Will you respond to His invitation?

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No maintenance
No watering, no fertilizing, no need to expose to sunlight