Words of Life Mug Collection

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This Words of Life Collection was created to lead us back to Him and His heart. This past year God has been emphasizing words and how powerful they are. We can use our words to create, or tear down. They can bring life, or they can bring death. They can bring clarity, or cause confusion. Many of my creations are inspired by conversations with God. I like to start my day with the Lord, but sometimes we can be so easily distracted by our phone or social media. Having simple reminders, like words on a mug, can help us to start out our day with the right mindset and direction.

That’s how I hope this humble mug collection can serve you – to become little reminders to lead us back to Him and His heart. I purposely left out any paint or design from this Words of Life Collection to remove any distraction from the words. I liked using the mug as a surface because it is something you can choose to use, touch, see, and taste what you put in it, every day.  My favorite one right now is ‘Ask the Lord’ as Holy Spirit tells me this a lot. LOL! I’d love to hear which one is your favorite.

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